WE promote a wider understanding of
the challenges facing civil aviation in Europe


Airports Council International Europe (ACI EUROPE), founded in 1991, represents the interests of over 500 airports in 46 European countries. Our members facilitate over 90% of commercial air traffic in Europe: 2.3 billion passengers, 21.2 million tonnes of freight and 25.7 million aircraft movements in 2018. In response to the Climate Emergency, in June 2019 our members committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions for operations under their control by 2050, without offsetting.

Our membership is comprised of airport operators of all sizes, along with national airport associations, world business partners and educational establishments. Working together in an active association to ensure effective communication and advocacy with legislative, commercial, technical, environmental, passenger and other interests. The members of ACI EUROPE are competitors in the airport market place and support free and fair competition.

ACI EUROPE is the European trade body for airports and as such, is also the European region of Airports Council International, the only global federation of airport operators. ACI EUROPE is based in Brussels, Belgium and employs a full time staff of 21 people, under the leadership of Director General Olivier Jankovec.

Airport Councils International



In today's European airport network, competition is the name of the game, as airlines can pick and choose their air services, shopping around for the best deal. Against the backdrop of aviation liberalisation, the adoption of the internet in the 1990s, the rise of the low cost carriers and the enlargement of the EU from 15 to 28 Member States, airports have evolved from being mere infrastucture providers into fully fledged businesses in their own right (over 80% of European airports are now fully corporatised businesses). Legislation affecting civil aviation is increasingly enacted at the European level, with an ever-evolving array of economic, social, technical and legal issues resulting from closer European integration and pan-European agreements. By working closely with policy makers and industry partners, ACI EUROPE ensures that European airports - their function and their business - are fully integrated in decision-making processes affecting our industry.


Through our special committees and fora, as well as an extensive network of over 300 individual experts from member airports at all levels of the industry, ACI EUROPE has access to a wealth of expertise and applied technical experience which is unsupassed. All research shows that airports contribute significantly to the economic and social development of regions which they serve.

By mobilising our in-house expertise, institutional and industry contacts and a range of communication tools, we aim to promote a wider understanding of the challenges facing civil aviation in Europe. ACI EUROPE also provides clear, objective and reliable information on the many complex aspects of the airport industry. This allows effective interaction with decision-makers and partner organisations, encouraging understanding of the diverse industry issues.