WE promote a wider understanding of
the challenges facing civil aviation in Europe


In today's European airport network, competition is the name of the game, as airlines can pick and choose their air services, shopping around for the best deal. Against the backdrop of aviation liberalisation, the adoption of the internet in the 1990s, the rise of the low cost carriers and the enlargement of the EU from 15 to 28 Member States, airports have evolved from being mere infrastucture providers into fully fledged businesses in their own right (over 80% of European airports are now fully corporatised businesses). Legislation affecting civil aviation is increasingly enacted at the European level, with an ever-evolving array of economic, social, technical and legal issues resulting from closer European integration and pan-European agreements. By working closely with policy makers and industry partners, ACI EUROPE ensures that European airports - their function and their business - are fully integrated in decision-making processes affecting our industry.

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