Ivana Cavka Environment & Intermodality Coordinator

Tel.   +32 (0)2 392 82 75
Fax.   +32 (0)2 502 56 37


Ivana Cavka joined ACI EUROPE in May 2019 in the new role of Environment & Intermodality Coordinator.

She is responsible for the coordination of various aspects of the association’s work on environment and intermodality, supporting the Head of Sustainability. In this regard, she monitors the management and coordination of Airport Carbon Accreditation - the global carbon management standard for airports, to ensure its ongoing evolution at a worldwide level.

Ivana is a graduate of University of Belgrade, holding a BSc & MSc in Engineering (Air Transport & Traffic Engineering) and where she continues to pursue a PhD in the subject.

Immediately prior to joining ACI EUROPE, Ivana was a Project Support Officer at the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. Previously, she worked in the Aviation Unit of the European Commission’s DG for Research & Innovation and she was a Researcher at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering.

Ivana is a Serbian/Croatian national and she also speaks English, Italian and has basic knowledge of French. She is passionate about aviation and in her spare time she enjoys any aviation-related activity as well as reading, standard and Latin dances, skiing and travelling.