COVID-19: Statements, facts and figures


ACI EUROPE Press Releases, Statements & Letters


31/12/2022 ACI EUROPE regrets ‘scientifically unjustified’ return to travel restrictions

11/03/2022 Airports and Airlines call for all intra-EU COVID Travel Restrictions to be dropped as pandemic hits second anniversary milestone

03/03/2022 STATEMENT on IATA’s requested suspension of slot rules due to the COVID-19 outbreak

01/02/2022 New research shows travel restrictions in the EU had little or no impact on the spread of Omicron

25/01/2022 A stop-start recovery in 2021 revealed in fragmented traffic results for Europe’s airports

25/01/2022 Transport and tourism associations reiterate their call for EU Member States to align their travel rules to avoid patchwork

06/01/2022 EU rules on airport slot thresholds offer protection for airlines during the pandemic, with no viable reason for so-called ‘ghost flights’ says airport body

23/12/2021 Omicron impact immediate and substantial for Europe’s airports

16/12/2021 Airports and airlines call for halt to unnecessary and ineffective travel restrictions

10/12/2021 October data shows improvements in passenger traffic levels – albeit at an uneven pace

01/12/2021 ACI EUROPE urges governments to adhere to WHO guidance and reject blanket travel bans


29/11/2021 ACI EUROPE welcomes new European Commission proposals on EU travel

22/11/2021 Travel & Tourism stakeholders call on EU and Member States for urgent alignment and coordination in their responses to the epidemiological situation

19/10/2021 Travel and tourism stakeholder's position on lifting unnecessary travel restrictions

06/07/2021 Istanbul Airport first to earn ACI reaccreditation for COVID-19 health measures

29/06/2021 Fragmented EU Digital COVID Certificate verification will undermine smooth summer travel for EU passengers

17/06/2021 Aviation sector welcomes updated EASA-ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol calling for harmonised and risk-based COVID-19 travel measures – Member States must now implement

17/06/2021 Airport Financial Stress & Investment Crunch Call for Regulatory Revamp

10/06/2021 ACI EUROPE and ACI World urge G7 to support development of interoperable digital health passes

08/06/2021 Travel and Tourism stakeholders call for swift adoption and implementation of harmonised EU travel rules

31/05/2021 Airport send stark warning over potential summer chaos due to COVID-19 checks

27/05/2021 Europe's travel & tourism sector welcomes adoption of "EU Digital COVID Certificate" regulation and urges swift implementation

10/05/2021 Travel & Tourism Stakeholders Position On Digital Green Certificate Trilogues & Council Recommendation On Travel Coordination

29/04/2021 Aviation, Travel & Tourism Sectors Applaud European Parliament Vote on “EU COVID-19 Certificates” – Setting Final Negotiations with European Commission and Council into Motion

22/04/2021 Airports and airlines issue plea to Europe’s Heads of State: Prioritise preparations and set a date to make the Digital Green Certificate a reality

22/04/2021 Joint Industry Letter 21 April 2021 - Digital Green Certificate preparedness (AT)

21/04/2021 “A deepening crisis” as air passenger traffic returns to rock bottom levels and recovery forecasts are downgraded

17/03/2021 Europe’s aviation sector welcomes Digital Green Certificate proposal whilst urging wider restart plan

16/03/2021 Recovery Fund at odds with EU green airport agenda

16/03/2021 Letter to Mr Olivier Guersent, Director General, DG COMP - State aid RFF

25/02/2021 As EU air passenger traffic continues to tumble, the impact of blanket travel restrictions is laid bare

25/02/2021 Europe’s travel & tourism sector calls on EU governments to chart restart plan in time for summer

24/02/2021 Coordinated COVID-19 measures needed to save jobs and upcoming summer season, say European aviation and tourism stakeholders

24/02/2021 Open letter to the Portuguese EU presidency

12/02/2021 Europe’s airport 2020 passenger traffic back to 1995 levels

10/02/2021 Recovery and Resilience Facility | Transport keeps us going forward

02/02/2021 “It’s about saving both lives and livelihoods” says ACI EUROPE, as Rome Airport reveals robust results for COVID-19 tested flights

20/01/2021 Airports & tourism organisations urge revision of ‘wholly inadequate” state aid rules, as new forecast shows industries in systemic collapse

20/01/2021 Joint Letter ACI EUROPE ETC 19 January 2021 (State aid)

18/12/2020 Connectivity gone bust: 6000 air routes in Europe have vanished

16/12/2020 Airlines and airports stress need to align European Commission proposal on airport slot relief in Summer 2021 with aviation industry recommendations

11/12/2020 ACI EUROPE and AOA welcome EU aviation contingency measures

02/12/2020 Airlines and airports call on EU/EEA and UK Governments to immediately abolish passenger quarantines as EASA/ECDC Guidelines confirm their ineffectiveness

17/11/2020 Jost Lammers delivers strong message to policy-makers on the need for action and alignment for aviation to recover

17/11/2020 “Complete airport business model reset”: ACI EUROPE charts path from extreme financial distress to post-COVID-19 new normal

16/11/2020 EU Aviation Maps a Sustainable, Post-Crisis Future in Round Table Report

16/11/2020 “Collapsed air traffic and air connectivity”: the harsh reality of latest data released by airport industry

04/11/2020 Airports set out plan for urgent EU and Government support as financial crisis worsens

28/10/2020 Arrivals Duty and Tax Free shopping at EU airports a key element of recovery plan

27/10/2020 Almost 200 European airports facing insolvency in coming months

13/10/2020 Council’s failure to harmonise cross-border travel restrictions puts millions of travel and tourism jobs at risk

02/10/2020 Pressure intensifies to drop quarantines in favour of EU-wide passenger testing protocol

01/10/2020 COVID-19 Testing and the Recovery of Travel & Tourism - Testing Protocol for Travel

01/10/2020 ACI EUROPE-A4E-IATA Joint Industry Letter to Commision President, Heads of States and Health Ministers on Testing

18/09/2020 Unprecedented industry appeal to European Commission President to end quarantines and develop common EU Testing Protocol

17/09/2020 Joint Industry Open Letter to European Commission President 

                      Also available in French, German, Italian and Spanish

10/09/2020 Helping airports plan their recovery: Study by EUROCONTROL and partners highlights actions to improve performance when implementing COVID-19 measures

04/09/2020 Airports applaud EC Coordination Framework as “stalled” recovery figures are released

03/09/2020 Airlines and airports agree conditions for European winter slots waiver

12/08/2020 Istanbul Airport first to achieve ACI Airport Health Accreditation

07/08/2020 Latest traffic data shows disastrous COVID-19 impact on airport industry

31/07/2020 Airlines and airports issue stark warning to European Prime Ministers on inconsistent approach to travel restrictions

29/07/2020 Airport industry reaffirms commitment to climate action as aviation takes first steps towards post-COVID-19 recovery 

23/07/2020 Airports issue urgent call for non-discriminatory relief as EU Aviation Summit gets underway

17/07/2020 ACI EUROPE and EASA sign Cooperation Agreement as airport industry publishes Guidelines for a Healthy Passenger Experience

16/07/2020 European airports revise recovery projection to 2024 whilst reporting only marginal traffic increase for June

08/07/2020 Airlines and airports decry uncoordinated EU external border reopenings

24/06/2020 European aviation unites in call for support for green recovery from COVID-19

17/06/2020 Airports call for data-driven approach to establishing the post-COVID aviation landscape

15/06/2020 Airports mark lifting of intra-EU travel restrictions with 10 Commitments to the public and 10 Recommendations to policy makers

12/06/2020 “We’re ready – passengers can fly with confidence” - Airlines and airports issue clear message as EC calls for lifting of all intra-EU travel restrictions from 15 June

08/06/2020 Airports point to ‘huge imbalances’ in air transport relief as latest passenger traffic figures show 98% loss

20/05/2020 Airports welcome new European Health Safety Protocol

13/05/2020 Airlines and airports welcome EC guidelines as encouraging step towards recovery - urge Member States to follow through with co-ordinated approach

13/05/2020 European airports, transport workers and aviation suppliers call for urgent support in joint statement

12/05/2020 Airports warn of irreversible consequences to air connectivity, tourism and local economies

28/04/2020 Restoring air connectivity: the way forward

22/04/2020 Cross-industry statement: COVID-19 Crisis – We need a strong Europe

15/04/2020 Letter to IATA on co-operative approaches during and post COVID-19

09/04/2020 Unprecedented impact of pandemic on European airports clear as March passenger numbers are released

03/04/2020 Aviation Industry Joint Statement: Europe’s aviation industry is facing an unprecedented liquidity crisis

27/03/2020 ACI EUROPE statement on charges for the parking of aircraft at airports during the COVID-19 crisis

23/03/2020 Joint industry letter: Airport operators & service providers call for “urgent supporting measures” from European Commission & States

16/03/2020 Letter to EU Transport Ministers and the European Commission  COVID-19: Aviation Relief Programme

13/03/2020 Airports welcome EC slot waiver but urge Governments to rethink flight bans

10/03/2020 COVID-19 turning into crisis of unprecedented proportions for Europe’s airports

03/03/2020 STATEMENT on IATA’s requested suspension of slot rules due to the COVID-19 outbreak


Facts & Figures

ACI EUROPE OFF THE GROUND Recovery Plan: Guidelines and Policy Documents





10 Airport Industry Commitments to our Passengers, Communities & Authorities

10 Airport Industry Recommendations to National Authorities & European Institutions



OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Call for support measures to help airports bring employees back to work

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Calling airport employees back to work

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Market Access  -  Slot Returns



OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  State Aid

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Ground Handling

OFF THE GROUND Guidance Document  -  Safety & Airside Operations

OFF THE GROUND Guidance Document  -  Scheduling & Capacity



OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Re-thinking Economic Regulation as a result of the COVID-19 traffic shock

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Ensuring liquidity for airports during the COVID-19 crisis 

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Pricing of aeronautical services during the recovery



OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Market Access  -  Airline Ownership & Control

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Market Access  -  Traffic rights

OFF THE GROUND Paper  -  Market Access  -  Handling of Airline Slots in case of Bankruptcy 


Guidance & Recommendations

Note for the Thessaloniki Forum working group on “Airport Charges in Times of Crisis”

EC Proposal for a Regulation on interoperable certificates on vaccination testing and recovery Digital Green Certificate

Travel and Tourism Exit Strategy

ACI EUROPE Considerations on the use of health passes at European airports

Covid-Tested Flights - The Way Forward - Aeroporti di Roma's case

EASA & ECDC Guidelines for Covid-19 testing and quarantine of air travellers

McMaster HealthLabs report - Canadian International COVID-19 Surveillance Border Study

Assessing airport passenger traffic and COVID-19 test positivity rates in Europe since July (One-pager - Airport passenger data rejects relationship between air travel and COVID-19 transmission rates)

Aviation Round Table Report on the Recovery of European Aviation

ACI EUROPE Position Paper on State Aid for Aviation in Response to COVID-19

ETRC Study - The Economic Impact of Arrivals Duty and Tax Free Shopping in the EU

Joint ACI EUROPE, IATA & A4E Paper on a EU Testing Protocol for Travel

Sanitary & SARS-COV-2 Containment Measures at Airports (Report by Professors Ashley Woodcock, Jørgen Vestbo & Thomas Benfield)

EASA & ECDC COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol

Safely Restarting Aviation: Joint IATA & ACI position

ACI World Advisory Bulletin: Transmission of Communicable Diseases

WHO recommendations for international traffic in relation to COVID-19 outbreak

ICAO: Aviation and COVID-19 - Q&A for airport operators

European Commission's leaflet on COVID-19 for general travelling public

AHA Twitter Header


Latest updates on the number of cases worldwide

WHO: Rolling updates on coronavirus disease

Outbreak monitoring on Worldometer

Johns Hopkins University interactive dashboard

In the media
19/01/2020 European airports urge EU to loosen state aid rules (The Financial Times)
24/03/2020 Airports lobby to join airlines in European bailout (The Financial Times)