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the challenges facing civil aviation in Europe


ACI EUROPE's World Business Partner (WBP) programme is a membership programme that provides a unique platform to help commercial enterprises maximise their business connections and expertise in the airport industry.



As a World Business Partner you will interact with a global network of airport executives; participate at high level conferences; receive airport related professional publications as well as the events' delegate lists; and consult with our experienced policy managers.


You will gain privileged access to ACI conferences, publications,
the dedicated WBP website, and ACI committees, allowing you to:

  • maximize your business connections in the airport industry;
  • meet regularly with a global network of airports executives;
  • gain valuable knowledge to help tailor your business offer to airport needs;
  • showcase your products and services expand your presence in regional and worldwide markets;
  • obtain distinctive WBP branding and sponsorship opportunities;
  • influence the collective work accomplished by ACI committees, and contribute to ACI policy making


Airports are multifaceted businesses that require a wide diversity of partners to develop their business opportunities efficiently. Outside suppliers contribute innovative ideas and new technologies that help airports to ensure a safe, secure and environmentally compatible operation – an objective shared by airports worldwide as they seek to improve performance excellence.

The World Business Partner programme is an outstanding platform for you to interact with this dynamic airport industry, building a network of new contacts and exploring new business opportunities.


  • € 3,500 / year
  • € 1,800 for small businesses*




Additional Benefits

  • Advance information on ACI EUROPE events
  • Membership of the ACI EUROPE's 4 Fora – the Regional Airports Forum, the Commercial Forum, the Digital Communications Forum and the Leadership & HR Forum (subject to approval of the Chair and Vice Chair of these working groups).
  • Consultation with European policy experts
  • Discount advertising in ACI EUROPE publications and the ACI EUROPE website
  • Access to the ACI Global Training courses www.gth.aero
Select the Silver Programme
  • Gold
  • € 5,500 / year
  • € 2,450 for small businesses*

In addition to the benefits included in the Silver Programme your enhanced benefits with the ACI EUROPE World Business Partner Gold Programme

  • Potential to nominate a representative to the ACI WORLD standing committees (subject to approval by the ACI WORLD Director General) and 5 ACI EUROPE committees (Economics, Facilitation and Customer Services, Aviation Security, Technical and Operational Safety, and Environmental Strategy, subject to approval by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee)
  • Priority consideration for sponsoring of ACI EUROPE Board dinners and WBP meetings
  • Excel copies of ACI WORLD worldwide traffic reports (upon request)
  • Two additional copies of the ACI EUROPE's magazine Airport Business
  • Use of ACI EUROPE conference rooms (subject to prior reservation)
  • Larger discount on ACI EUROPE exhibition stands and advertisements in ACI EUROPE publications and websites


If your company is already a World Business Partner in another region of ACI, it is possible to opt for the ACI EUROPE World Business Partners benefits by joining the affiliate membership of ACI EUROPE and paying only 20% of the ACI EUROPE annual contributions for World Business Partners. Please note that the level of membership should be selected according to the desired level of ACI EUROPE benefits.

* a small business is defined as a business or an educational establishment with no more than 10 full time employees