Airport Capacity & Airport Slots

Airport Capacity & Airport Slots

With demand for air travel set to increase by 50% by 2035, airport capacity is one of the most pressing issues facing European mobility today. As competing global hubs in the Middle East and other emerging economies power ahead with their own infrastructure roll-outs, European air traffic is set to be heavily congested in 2035. EUROCONTROL estimates that 12% of demand will be unaccommodated, meaning 237 million passengers unable to fly. Yet expansion of airport capacity in Europe faces a range of obstacles, from economic regulation and planning rules to political intervention and financing challenges. ACI EUROPE believes that airport capacity needs to be monitored at an EU level, and that EU guidelines need to be delivered, which will provide local authorities with a common comprehensive framework when considering airport expansion schemes.

And while expansion of capacity is an absolute must for the long term, there also remains a need to make best use of existing capacity, in particular with regard to airport slots. Airports need to be empowered to respond to supply and demand changes, and to be able to guide the use of their airport slots towards the economically optimal outcome.

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