Industry Cooperation & the Benefits of Aviation

Industry Cooperation & the Benefits of Aviation

Aviation delivers huge benefits for Europe’s citizens. These include economic gains, such as employment, trade and the facilitation of productivity growth, but also social benefits, such as tourism, access to remote communities, and the quality of life improvements associated with being able to remain connected to those who have moved far away from us. Alongside delivering all these benefits, aviation is one of the few transport modes which pays its own way, delivering a net positive contribution to public funds in the developed world. So while different parties within aviation often have diverging views and interests, sometimes it is necessary for all players to come together to maintain these benefits in the face of industry-wide challenges, and to protect them against external threats. ACI EUROPE engages with its industry partners on range of matters, such as sustainability issues, overly-restrictive security requirements, and unsustainable taxation, to name but a few.

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