Environment & Carbon Management

Environment & Carbon Management

Airports have long been addressing sustainability issues, initially focusing on more local concerns such as noise, air quality, biodiversity and water management, but increasingly turning to more global environmental issues – namely the pressing question of our industry’s carbon emissions. In the process airports have had to satisfy an array of sometime contradictory requirements from local, national and European authorities, as well as other international institutions. Yet despite all these obligations a policy vacuum still remains. European airports require a clear policy direction at EU level as to where the priorities lie between the different environmental impacts. And simply capping aviation’s expansion would needlessly deny future European citizens the economic and social benefits that have shaped our world today.

On carbon emissions, ACI EUROPE has already taken the lead. Established first in Europe in June 2009, the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme has become the global certification standard for the airport industry’s response to the challenges of climate change. Providing a common framework for carbon management with measurable goal posts, the programme has been endorsed and supported by a range of respected independent experts, and has the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality for Europe’s airport network.

On 26 June 2019, in a groundbreaking response to the escalating significance of the Climate emergency, the European airport industry committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest.

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