• David Trembaczowski-Ryder
    Head of Aviation Security
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  • Michael Stanton-Geddes
    Head of Economics & Competition
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  • Marina Bylinsky
    Head of Sustainability
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  • Federico Bonaudi
    Head of Facilitation, Parliamentary Affairs & Regional Airports
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  • Aidan Flanagan
    Safety, Capacity, ATM & Single European Sky Manager
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  • Jérôme Morandière
    Aviation Security Manager
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  • Zvonimir Karamatic
    Data Analyst
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  • Ivana Cavka
    Environment & Intermodality Coordinator
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  • Daiga Dege
    Cybersecurity Coordinator
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  • Luc Laveyne
    Senior Adviser
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  • Eugene Leeman
    Liaison Officer to EUROCONTROL
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  • Duarte Gouveia
    Liaison Officer to SESAR JU
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  • Ansgar Sickert
    Liaison Officer to EASA
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  • Virginia Lee
    Director Communications & Media
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  • Inês Rebelo
    Corporate Communications & Special Projects Manager
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  • Agata Łyżnik
    Communications Coordinator
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Membership & Events

  • Danielle Michel
    Membership Services & Events Director
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  • Yulia Plyusnina
    Programme Development Coordinator
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  • Julia Kovtun
    Membership Services & Events Coordinator
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HR, Finance & Administration

  • Stéphanie Coppin
    Office & HR Manager/PA to the Director General
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  • Biljana Banjac
    Administrative Assistant Database, Media & Communications and Finance
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  • Diana Juhanson
    Administrative Assistant Policy Unit, SESAR JU & SDAG
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  • Mónica Martins
    Administrative Assistant Membership Services & Events and Legal Department
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