Repository of Airports' Net Zero Carbon Roadmaps

“Net Zero targets for 2050 without credible plans including short-term targets is greenwashing”

– Chris Hohn (TCI Fund)


A commitment to Net Zero Carbon emissions defines the destination of an airport’s decarbonisation journey. The next step is to set out the trajectory towards it, supported by concrete carbon reduction measures and milestones. And once you are on your way, you have to acknowledge that the assumptions under which you prepared your journey might change in the future, impact your progress and trigger a change in your roadmap.

To support airports that are in the process of charting their roadmaps, ACI EUROPE, jointly with its World Business Partner To70, has developed a guidance document. It outlines five key steps in defining a roadmap to Net Zero Carbon, and relies on good practice identified amongst already existing airport roadmaps, as well as examples from other industries.


A number of airports have already prepared their roadmaps to Net Zero Carbon. These roadmaps are presented in this repository. By doing so, ACI EUROPE facilitates the access to already existing roadmaps within its membership, but also by the wider public.


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