Member Airports

Benefits of member airports 


1. Governance and industry representation:
  • Voting rights during the ACI EUROPE annual General Assembly
  • Nomination of the airport Chief Executive Officers for election by all the regular members to the ACI EUROPE Governing Board
  • Regular updates on European regulation and EU policy advice from our experts.
The ACI EUROPE Internal Rules will give you greater insight into the functioning of our association and its structure.
2. Policy Committees:
Membership of ACI EUROPE allows your airport representatives to join six European committees:
  • The Policy Committee
  • The Aviation Security Committee
  • The Environmental Strategy Committee
  • The Economics Committee
  • The Facilitation and Customer Services Committee
  • The Technical and Operational Safety Committee.
  • As a member you are entitled to nominate directors and managers to participate in the European committees, but no more the two persons per committee
  • All committees meet twice a year. The committee meetings have no commercial aspect, and are focused on the sharing of expertise and networking
  • You can find more details regarding structure of our committees here.
3. Participation in Fora:
Membership at ACI EUROPE allows your company representatives to join four European fora:
  • Regional Airports Forum
  • Commercial Forum
  • Digital Communications Forum
  • Leadership and Human Resources Forum.
  • The meetings take place twice a year
  • Nomination of no more than two people per forum
  • You can find more details regarding structure of our fora here.
4. Annual Events:
ACI EUROPE organises five events on an annual basis:
  • ACI Annual Airport Economics & Finance Conference & Exhibition
  • ACI EUROPE Airport Commercial & Retail Conference & Exhibition
  • ACI EUROPE Regional Airports Conference & Exhibition
  • ACI EUROPE Annual Congress, General Assembly & Exhibition
  • ACI Airport Exchange Conference & Exhibition.
  • As a member you are entitled to receive a discount of up to 50% on participation in any conference organised by ACI EUROPE and a substantial discount on registration fees for other ACI events
  • An additional discount of up to 25% for committee members attending European events in their area of expertise
  • All upcoming European events and dates you can find here
  • The combined ACI World and regional events calendar is available here.
5. ACI EUROPE policy related workshops:
Members of ACI EUROPE receive a special invitation to workshops on various topics organised in Brussels. The invitation can be provided upon request.
6. Communication and newsletters:
ACI EUROPE provides the following for all our members:
  • CEO Briefing (special European policy outlook sent by Director General)
  • Press releases
  • Aviation Express (daily)
  • Taxi Lights (bi-monthly)
  • Airport Carbon Accreditation newsletter (quarterly)
  • Board and Committee documentation sent to our board members.
7. Publications:
Also available to our members are:
  • Policy Library (collection of documentation on various topics)
  • Monthly ACI World Report
  • Bi-monthly Airport World magazine
  • Quarterly Airport Business magazine.
Publications, press releases and newsletters are automatically sent to the official representative (person who signed the application form). However per written request all members are welcome to add more contacts to our mailing lists.
8. Statistics:
ACI EUROPE members have access to the following data:
  • ACI Airport Economics Comprehensive report
  • ACI EUROPE Monthly Airport Traffic Report in pdf (uploaded in the members’ room at the time of release)
  • ACI Annual World Airport Traffic Report (WATR)
  • Monthly WATR + Monthly International Passenger and Freight Report.
  • Please submit your statistical data every month before 25th to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • You may also purchase additional statistical and analytical materials with a membership discount here.
9. ACI Global Training:
A discount is available for all ACI courses (classroom and online). For more details please click here.
10. Using ACI’s Logo:
You can use ACI EUROPE logo on your corporate material, subject to prior approval by ACI EUROPE. The ACI EUROPE logo is available upon request.
ACI EUROPE does not permit the use of the logo as part of the promotion or advertising of publications, services and conferences you may organise. Violation of this policy will be cause for immediate termination of membership, without refund of dues that have been paid.
11. Airport Traffic Analyser Mobile Application:
As part of our ongoing efforts to make airport traffic data more available, you can now access the latest monthly traffic report via our dedicated Airport Traffic Analyser App. For more details please click here.
12. Use of ACI EUROPE meeting rooms:
Members may use ACI EUROPE conference rooms free of charge within the office working hours to organise meetings with partners. Advance notification of the room booking is required, and is subject to the room availability.




The scale of an airport’s annual contribution for regular membership and affiliated regular membership is calculated on the basis of traffic unitsA traffic unit is each of the following (passengers in direct transit are not counted as traffic units):
  • an enplaned passenger
  • a deplaned passenger
  • 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of enplaned cargo (including mail)
  • 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of deplaned cargo (including mail).
All ACI EUROPE member airports are required to pay their annual contribution in January of each year.
Affiliated regular members pay only 20% of the traffic-related annual contribution compared with a European regular member. Affiliated regular membership of ACI EUROPE is open to enterprises which are already regular members of another ACI region.
  • Apply for Regular Membership

    Your airport should complete this form and contact
    Once your Application for Membership has been formally approved by the Board of ACI EUROPE, we will officially welcome you as an ACI EUROPE Member to the network of airport operators in Europe and around the globe.

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